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 Credit with immediate payment – 100% online

Credit with immediate payment - 100% online


An instant payment loan is the ideal solution if you do not want to be bureaucratic and need to pay your loan quickly. There are two advantages: The loan can be paid within 24 hours & the application for a loan is completely online and digital. This is also the case with Giromatch. So far, loans with immediate payment are usually limited to mini loans or urgent loans; The loan amount is a maximum of three-digit amounts. The Giromatch loan with immediate payment offers you the opportunity to receive an immediate payout up to € 25,000 – and on top conditions.

How does the loan work with Sofortauzsahlung?

How does the loan work with Sofortauzsahlung?

The immediate payment loan works as follows: first complete the loan application. All you need is a few minutes. You can fill out all relevant information online, for example, on the computer or via smartphone. In order to be able to offer you the option of immediate payment, use the digital bank statements. This means that in the loan application you have the option to transfer your bank statements digitally and to verify all your details directly. Now send the loan application final. The Giromatch system automatically checks your information within a few seconds. You can now sign the loan offer immediately online. To do this, identify yourself by video identification and digitally sign the document. After signing and final credit approval, we will immediately transfer your credit to your account.

Advantages of the loan with immediate payment

power Giromatch credit Classic bank loan
Free loan application    
Paperless through digital bank statements    
Fast credit decision    
Video Identification    
Digital signature    
instant payout    

3 tips that it works with the immediate payment

3 tips that it works with the immediate payment

  • Check information & information

    Check the loan application to see if your details are correct. You should make sure that your personal information is correct, your e-mail address is up-to-date and you have provided the correct IBAN, so that the immediate payment is transferred to your correct account. If the information is incorrect, the loan can not be disbursed immediately because your application must be manually reviewed.

  • Use digital account analysis

    To make it work with the immediate payment, you should use the digital account analysis. With the digital account analysis you save the sending of salary and account statements, because we verify your details directly. This is the fastest way to get an instant payment loan. If you do not use online banking, upload the data via photo, scan or PDF. This may lead to a re-examination of your information.

  • Sign the loan agreement digitally immediately
  • With the new eSign solution, you can now sign contracts online and digitally. This will save you valuable time and allow you to make immediate payments of your loan. To digitally sign a loan, use the free service of our partner IDnow. After the loan approval you will receive a simple explanation of the individual steps. An overview of eSign can be found here .

How cheap is the loan with immediate payment?

How cheap is the loan with immediate payment?

  Giromatch credit Classic installment credit
Amount of credit 7,500 € 7,500 €
Loan term 60 months 60 months
Eff. Annual interest (Giromatch vs. comparative value) 2.89% * 6.00% **
Total interest costs 556.43 € € 1,166.54
saving potential € 610.11 or over 8% of the loan amount!


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