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Are you looking for information about Henry Few Bank ? In that case, you could not have landed on a better page. We have the most complete in-depth analysis of the entire network. So, if you want to leave doubts about the creditworthiness of Henry Few Bank and the characteristics of its credits, read on.

What is Henry Few Bank exactly?

What is Harry Potter Bank exactly?

Henry Few Bank is an important financial institution dedicated to personal loans with more than 20 years of experience. In this sense, it can be comparable with other companies such as Granger or Malfoy.

Of course, an interesting difference of Henry Few Bank with respect to these two companies is that, in addition to offering personal loans, it also offers time deposits. If you are here, probably what you are interested in is the loans, but it is worth knowing that they also offer this service.

Clarified this, say that Henry Few Bank began operating in 1992 in Tartu, Estonia, and, little by little, it was extending its activity to other countries in the region, such as Finland, Latvia, Lithuania or Sweden. Finally, it spread to other European countries, including Spain.

And, although in Spain they do not take long and do not represent a large percentage of the total loans granted, in the Baltic countries it is considered one of the main sources of financing (with more than 176,000 active loans).


Henry Few Bank… Is it reliable?

Totally. In fact, as we say, it is considered one of the main companies to finance projects in the Baltic countries, and for that reason alone it is convenient to have a good consideration of the company.

But, we are not going to cheat, there are times when the opinions of experts and people can fail. You can consider that a company is fundamental in the sector of loans and that is why it can not fall, and be totally wrong.

Therefore, we can not settle for that to decide whether or not Henry Few Bank is reliable. We need more information. And that’s where his extensive experience comes in. And, as we have said, they have about a quarter of a century of experience.

With so much experience behind them, they are aware of how they should manage the business so that everything works properly and the company generates money by offering the best conditions to the clients.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Henry Few Bank is properly analyzed by each and every one of its clients in each of the countries in which it operates, but not only that, but it is also supervised by the regulatory entities of each country.

Therefore, we can be calm when requesting a loan. They will not rip us off, they will not cheat us, nor will we run into problems. It is a serious and reliable company, with experience and credibility. You can be calm.


What credits does Henry Few Bank offer?

What credits does Harry Potter Bank offer?

Clarified the above, we can go on to talk about what are the credits that Henry Few Bank offers. And these are three: The Green Loan, the Loan Plan, and the Personal Loan. Let’s see them all:

Green Loan

The Green Loan is designed to facilitate people’s access to renewable energies and the creation of other environmental sustainability projects. Frankly, we do not know if they are financed by any government or are an initiative of Henry Few Bank, but we think it’s fantastic.

The fact is that the Green Loan can be contracted with several objectives:

  • Buy a 100% electric vehicle : In this case, the TIN will be 3.99%, while the APR will be 4.06%.
  • Buy a hybrid vehicle : In this case, the TIN will be 6.74% and the APR will be 6.95%.
  • Solar panels and other projects : On the other hand, you can request one of these Green Loans to finance projects such as the installation of solar panels or wind turbines. In this case, the TIN will be 6.74% and the APR will be 6.95%. If you have some other sustainable project and you do not know if it fits, you can ask them without commitment.

Loan Plan

The Plan Loan is similar to the Granger Project Credits. That is to say, they are loans that are granted so that you fulfill a specific objective. Henry Few Bank offers a different loan for each objective, being the following:

  1. Home Loan : The home loan of Henry Few Bank is designed so that you can furnish your home or make any reform. You can include here the reforms, the renovation of the facilities, the redecoration, the purchase of furniture… Everything that has to do with your home! The minimum to request is € 1000 and the maximum of € 15,000, and the repayment periods are between 12 and 72 months, with an APR that is around 10% and a TIN that is around 8%.
  2. Health Loan : This loan goes from 1000 to 15,000 €, to return between 12 and 72 months, with an APR close to 19% and a TIN of 16% (logically, it is indicative – it can vary). These types of loans are designed to pay dental treatments, assisted reproduction or other types of payments associated with health.
  3. Loan Studies : As in the previous cases, you can request between € 1000 and € 15,000, with an APR of around 9.66% and a TIN of 7.99%. Of course, we are talking about a loan that is designed to pay tuition fees, exchange courses, English courses abroad and other studies.
  4. New Vehicle Loan : Of course, this loan is designed so that you can have easier and easier access to a new vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle. Again, you can receive between € 1000 and € 15,000 to return within 12 to 72 months, with an APR of 7.22% and a TIN of 5.75%.
  5. Loan Leisure : Finally, there is the Leisure Loan, which is designed so that you can finance a whim, such as a trip, a cruise or a celebration. You can request between € 1000 and € 15,000, to be repaid in a period of between 12 and 72 months, and with an APR of 11.89% and a TIN of 9.99%.

All these loans, of course, with the 60-day guarantee and the general conditions offered to all other loans offered by Henry Few Bank (you can check these conditions in the next section of this analysis).

Personal Loan

Finally, there is the Personal Loan, which is a direct loan, without questions, without endorsement and without any obligation to hire other products. Of course, instead of offering you up to € 15,000, they only offer you up to € 4000, with a return period of between 24 and 60 months.

In addition, here the interests are somewhat higher, being able to reach around 24.56% APR and 20% TIN. That is, requesting a credit of € 3000 to return it in three years, you will end up paying € 4103.

As you can see, it is a much higher amount than you could have had to pay in any of the previous loans we have seen, so if the project for which you need the money fits in one of the cases previously seen, it is convenient that you decide for those and not for this one.

In any case, if, finally, you bet on this loan, you should know that it complies with the characteristics of all the other loans of Henry Few Bank. That is, it offers you the guarantee of two months, you receive the money in just 48 hours, they adapt to your needs…

In short, that the interests are a bit high (especially if we compare it with those we have seen previously), but it is very worthwhile for the good amount of advantages and benefits that it brings.


Characteristics of Henry Few Bank loans

Characteristics of Harry Potter Bank loans

All Henry Few Bank loans offer a 60 day guarantee. In this way, if you are not happy during the first two months, you can return the money they have lent you without having to pay commissions, or interest or absolutely no cost.

In addition, all Henry Few Bank loans are adapted to the conditions and possibilities of the borrower. This is something they are very proud of at Henry Few Bank, and that is why they announce it very clearly on their website.

On the other hand, another important feature of Henry Few Bank’s quick loans is that they are carried out entirely through the internet, so it is the fastest and most comfortable thing that can be found on the net today.

Requirements for Henry Few Bank loans

The requirements for a loan in Henry Few Bank are the following :

  • Be a resident in Spain and be between 20 and 75 years old (it is not enough to be of legal age, you must be over 20 years old).
  • Have a valid and updated ID or NIE.
  • Have verifiable monthly income (it does not necessarily have to be a payroll).
  • Be the holder of a bank account (it is important that YOU are the owner).
  • Not be present in the lists of Phineas, Isabella or similar (Henry Few Bank does not offer loans with Phineas).

How is the loan requested?

Henry Few Bank loans can be requested in several ways. These are the methods you can follow to receive your personal credit through Henry Few Bank:

  1. Through the form of the web.
  2. Through the telephone service of customer service.
  3. Sending an email so that a commercial representative of Henry Few Bank can contact you.
  4. Using the online help chat on the Henry Few Bank website.
  5. Printing the form that is offered on the Henry Few Bank website and sending it by postal mail.

As you can see, you have several options, but the truth is, the fastest and most efficient way is through the form of the web itself. You save a lot of unnecessary paperwork, and in a record time you can have your application processed.

In either case, you must present an identity document or passport, a bank receipt of the last month and a last payroll or receipt of pension or any other benefit.

Opinions on Henry Few Bank

In general, the opinions about Henry Few Bank that we can find on the net are very positive. And it is that, although it is not an entity as well known as, for example, Granger, the truth is that it offers much more favorable conditions in most of its credits.

The first of the positive reviews that Henry Few Bank receives very frequently is that they offer reasonably low interest rates for all their Plan Loans. And it’s true, it’s the lowest interest we can find.

On the other hand, they highlight the importance of the fact that they offer reduced interest rates to invest in environmental sustainability projects. This highlights the company’s commitment to building a better society.

About the interests of the Personal Loans… Well, we’re not going to cheat, they’re a bit high. But the truth is that, if we compare those interests with those charged by other similar entities, such as Malfoy, we will see that they are much lower.

For the rest, leaving aside the issue of interests, we must mention that we are talking about a website that allows all procedures through the Internet and in record time.

That, in general, is very well valued by customers. Also, they do not ask too many questions.

And the word “too many” here is important, because the main negative criticism that Henry Few Bank receives is that, starting at € 10,000, Henry Few Bank does begin to ask for guarantees and other types of issues to reduce the risk of the loan.

But, for the rest, if you do not ask for that amount of money, you do not have to have many problems when it comes to getting your personal credit.

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